Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Crybaby Looks Back

The crybaby once again got teary-eyed last night. Thanks to my seatmates for I was able to stop those tears from falling. For yesterday marked another milestone in my career as a physician. We had our oath taking as diplomates in my specialty. After four years of toxic residency training that did not just test my competence and knowledge as a physician but my psyche and physical capacity as well, I was finally recognized and welcomed to the world of my competent mentors.

While listening to the speakers, I was having a flashback of my life. I could remember the time when my mom reprimanded me for leaving an important document at home when we were about to enrol in a private high school in town. Little did I know that this petty memory gap would open big doors of opportunities for a young dreamer like me. If I remembered to bring that grade school report card (Yep! I forgot to bring my report card for enrolment…tee-hee!), I must have been in that school instead. So with a twist of fate, I was admitted in the high school where green abounds. Okay, I am a La Sallian at heart and I’m proud of it. I was accepted as an academic scholar and this became an impetus for me to keep reaching for that childhood dream of becoming a doctor – no matter how impossible.

Another twist of fate happened when I was about to pursue my college degree. I was already enrolled in a state university for a degree in Biology. This would however entail me of being away from my family since the school is an island away from home. After several nights of crying over this concern in secret (I did not want to let my parents know that I would want to withdraw from the university), the crybaby’s tears were wiped away. Home from the Wednesday mass, mom asked me if I would really want to be in the said university. I just answered her with my tears. These were enough to tell her that the voice she heard in her prayers during the mass was right. I am meant to stay in my hometown for college. Truly, I was once again readmitted in my alma mater as a scholar.

Choosing my medical school was another dilemma. Sending a child to medical school is no joke for a couple with no stable business. The crybaby however has this faith as big as a mustard seed in her pocket. I took a chance in another greeney school away from home. I did not want to let history repeat itself again. With a leap of faith, I left home, applied for a scholarship and was once again accepted and was able to maintain it until I graduated.

I couldn’t remember a time that I would like to quit or give up when I was studying no matter how tough times were. Yes I would cry at the end of every school year afraid that I might not be able to maintain my scholarship. These worries however were just meant to wet my eyes and add a little spice to my life.

Used to responsibilities and hardwork, eldest that I am, internship was a breeze for me. I was just surprised to see myself reviewing for the medical board exam. Finally, after passing that big hurdle in my career, I was introduced to the real world. The world of training. The world where I was able to test my competence and my capacity. The world that made me doubt my faith at times.

This blog has been witness to those whinings when I was in training. Let this blog too bear witness to my thankfulness for having survived those four looooong toxic years. Last night marked the culmination of such challenge. I was not just certified as a diplomate. I was certified as a survivor as well.

At present, I am now in another chapter of my training. Fellowship is quite harder and more difficult than the past four years. Aside of course from not being compensated for the said hardwork. I even have plans to change my heading. Due however to lack of time, poor internet connection and once again the desire to be out of the hospital everyday for the next two years, “The Doctor is Out” is still apt to represent my trash bin.

I’ve been posting my trash here. It’s just appropriate that I post something to clean up the trash by posting something light and inspirational. Something to tell the whole world that despite of the hardships and trials that we encounter in our lives, there’s always something that we should be thankful about. I guess by that time that I shall be receiving my certificate as a fellow, those tears that I kept from flowing last night will no longer hide. I might be crying buckets of it but I will no longer care. I must not be ashamed to tell the world through those tears how BLESSED AND LOVED I AM.


Lawstude said...

Congratulations on your milestone. Kailan blowout? or discount na lang kaya sa Just kiddin'. Have anice day Doc.

sheng said...

Hi doc, where were you when i needed you the most, wahahaha, nilagnat ako ng todo last wek eh, and had pharyngitis/tonsilitis, ubo, sipon, gout, migraine, all rolled into one, i felt like i had a weak system now, but thanks for prayers...

I miss you, i hope you post more often...

Reena said...

hi doc. congrats!

kakatuwa naman stories mo. you're a crybaby nga! hehe. pero okay lang yun. swe all have different levels of emotional threshold.

inggit nga ako eh. kasi ako personally, even when im super sad, i dont cry so easily. is there a medical condition for that? haha...

see you again soon. :) tc!

MM M said...

Cel! Congrats! Seems that everything's going well for you there. :)

AngelMD-No-More said...

lawstude: haha sure thing...basta ba rayuma yang papakonsulta mo libre agad.hehe

sheng: how r u na po? hope ure better now. di naman ikaw nagtext eh... even if i cant post im just a text away.hehe

reena: baka dried up na tear glands mo that's why?hehehe la lang refreshing lng kasi umiyak...hehehe

mm m:hahaha i lost weight meyms! i guess thing's arent going well yet. adjustment period sucks!hehehe i have to regain those lost weights before i go home or before i get to see u...hehehe

Garando said...

You're back! I didn't notice you already had two posts made.
So that was how you got into La Salle. Thanks for sharing these wonderful stories, for a while there I felt very nostalgic. :)
Congratulations, and I'm glad that you are doing well.
Til your next post!

AngelMD-No-More said...

garando: haha thanks manong. my smart bro connection sucks that's why i couldnt post often. bloghopping is quite difficult for me to do din. ill reserve my comments to your posts next time. btw, are there still chocolates left?hehe