Saturday, March 29, 2008


I have my recurrent alarm set at 6:30am. Never mind how many times i would press on the snooze everyday before i leave bed. Anyway, i woke up today realizing that in a few days time, i will be experiencing another milestone. Tadaaaaan! My 30th birthday! Hmmm, im announcing this just so, you who are reading this doesnt forget my gift. Wink! Wink!

Seriosuly, three years ago, ive got several posts anticipating my said milestone. Like I cant wait to reach this age - link here, and the one where i laid out my lifeplan -here. The can't wait to be thirty needs another entry. As to my lifeplan, here's a part that gave me goosebumps for I just realized that it's hard to give an ultimatum to one's self...hehe

2. At age 30, that will be 3 years from now, i will be done with residency training. I plan to proceed to subspecialization: either neurology or gastroenterology or rheumatology maybe. I still am in search of a subspec that doesnt have emergency calls and a subspec that's not that toxic. Boy, i just cant afford living a toxic life - from clerkship to specialization. I plan to go abroad and specialize there. Where? US or Australia, any place where my fate would lead me. It is also during this time when i could live on own - independently! Yipee!!! This is also the time that the ultimatum i gave to myself will due. The time that i'll be in a crossroad. The time of discernment whether to really take the road of single-blessedness (finally) or cursed-marriage. Ooops, i dont mean to be biased here. Alright, remove the word "curse". If i get to meet my frog prince during this time, then proceed to plan # 3.

I made this ultimatum 3 years ago and as the day comes nearer and nearer, it seems that im no longer excited about being 30. Why? Read this: The time of discernment whether to really take the road of single-blessedness (finally) or cursed-marriage. I'm afraid that should i make the wrong choice, I might curse myself forever!hehe

Alright self, tell this to the frog prince.


Rudy said...

Married life? or single-blessedness? Well they both have their pros and cons, but in the end it all boils down to what you really want... career or family. Choose wisely, my doctor friend.

Have a great weekend. :-)

AngelMD-No-More said...

hehe thanks sngl...everything all depends to His will. i hope i'll be sensitive enough to determine what His will is.hehe

dr_clairebear said...

hi, angel! TBR 3 is up. :) many thanks for participating!

i love your last line and i can so totally relate. it's easy enough to plan and decide but if there's no guy in the horizon, there's really no choice, is there? *sigh*

AngelMD-No-More said...

hello doc claire..ure welcome.

yep! there's no guy in the horizon only ugly toads. problem is, i can never tell who among them is the frog prince...hehe

Bone MD said...

Still looking for the frog prince?! Try a different pond.

You're crossroad is kinda common to all MDs out there, and especially (but not unique) amongst lady MDs. Sometimes, you just have to "jump" that pond and look for your prince. And hope his ugliness is just skin deep.

Great post and welcome to TBR! Hope you can join us in the next rounds. Better yet, host it in the future!

AngelMD-No-More said...

bone md> hehe thnx for the advice and for dropping by. hosting tbr in the future? whoah! quite overwhelming naman. maybe ill settle as a contributor for now and the future would mean 10 years from now...hehe btw, will link u up.

Bone MD said...

Hosting TBR is fun. You got to read entries from brilliant minds first hand. Buzz me if you change your mind.

Got you on my links also. The Department of Internet Medicine and Surgery staff, ok lang?

AngelMD-No-More said...

hehe thnx bone md. will try hosting tbr once my time allows. definitely not too soon.hehe as for now, ill settle as a contributor.btw, i understand u started this thing up? congrats and it's really a brilliant idea to have come up with this one.=)