Monday, September 24, 2007

Techie Mom

One thing that i really admire about my mom is that she's not afraid to try new things out. If other moms out there her age, are afraid even to tap on the pc's keyboard, mom's different. She could handle a pc or a laptop, could manage excel, word or powerpoint, could surf the web and i guess she could do almost everything that's expected to be learned about technology by a mom in her early 50's. Well, she's just blessed to have techie kids, that's why.hehe At least she could call anyone from the 4 of us for help in case she'll be needing one.

Recently, we had a little argument. Little, for we really seldom argue. The topic was on which phone to order for her postpaid plan. One of her line's due for a retainer phone and i found on the list that she could avail of this smartphone that i have been crushing on since its release. Oh well, call me weird but im more attracted to phones and technology than to men. Nah, point is you could eliminate a certain gadget out of your life with less hassle than eliminating a boyfriend. Now back to my crush (the smartphone), she will just shell out a little cash in order to avail it. My mom, wise spender that she is, preferred to settle on the retainer phone in her plan instead so that she cant shell out any cash. I on the other hand (who's very much attracted to this smartphone), offered to donate a part of my salary for the said phone so that she could avail it. Of course, mom agreed. Who wouldnt take an offer? In short, she applied for that phone.

The argument came when about 2 days after the said application, she told me that she cancelled it. Huwaaaaat? She settled on the free phone instead and would want to take the cash that i'll be offering instead. Mom?!? I was kind of irritated with the said decision. Sometimes mom decides in a split second you know. I was too excited for the said phone more than her and then i will be disappointed by the sudden changes of plan? Aaaaargh! I really argued with her. I laid down my premises and supported my cause. Realizing i guess that i really have certain points, she only muttered, "There will always be next time."

For you see, about 2 or 3 years ago, i was prodding her to buy the palm treo. Being in the business world, this thing is really very handy for her. She had several considerations to the point that she already decided not to buy it. Not of course until one afternoon when she asked me to accompany her. I really dont know what she had eaten that time that i found myself purchasing the unit in a cellfone shop with her. Geez! Should i have known earlier, i must have canvassed from one store to another for a good buy. Well, this is mom!

So i totally forgot about my crush. I was already disheartened during that time. I was thinking that if mom wouldnt want it, then maybe i could have it once my plan will due for another retainer phone. I just feel sorry for this phone really fits her needs and yet she didnt want it. The phone was already out of my mind not until mom called me to accompany her again. Knowing that im the most techie among her kids, i was asked to join her again in claiming her new phone. To my surprise, mom reconsidered! She got my ultimate crush! The Sony Ericsson P1i!
The reason why i didnt want to have it myself is because of its QWERT keypad. Since mom's been using treo, she's used to this stuff. The reason why im pushing her to have it. That was quite a surprise from mom actually. Surprise for one, she realized that i was right in my choice that's why she took the phone, and lastly, i already crossed out from my budget the amount that i am supposed to contribute for this phone. Waaaaah! Oh mom!


snglguy said...

Galing naman ng Mom mo, she has way cooler gadgets than most people half my age have. I'm also salivating for that phone, but alas, my meager budget doesn't allow me to have one for now... :-(

AngelMD-No-More said...

actually twas her daughter's dream fone and ultimately crush...since the daughter couldnt afford such, she prodded her mom to get it for herself...hehe nah, the daughter believes that this gadget would be very helpful for her.=)