Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Note: This post has been reedited several times in order to make this safe for public consumption. I believe in social responsibility. Much that i cant help it, but the traffic in this blogsite has increased. Thus, i have to the best that i could, screen my posts to a less harmful level, before i publish them. If you still find this post offensive though, read on, i need not explain why.=)


I believe that respect is earned. You dont ask other people to respect you nor can you buy it from them. I for one couldnt force myself to give my respect to someone who doesnt deserve it. Just like this someone who started my day on a very bad note.

I call him with a lot of names. I think it's but normal to call someone who pisses me off with a lot of names. It's one way of releasing that uncomfortable feeling towards that someone actually. I know it's quite an un-Christian way doing such but the heck! I know however that God will understand why i'm acting this way. I'm not running for a saintly position and im not forcing my way into heaven. It's just that im this expressive when im angered by someone. Well, why should i suffer keeping this bad feeling inside of me when i have the opportunity to pour it out in this blog? Oooops, too much rationalization now.

Back to this someone, call him Totoy Bibo. I even have names for him in the vernacular that i'd rather not mention. He's Totoy Bibo, for recently, he's become visible in the hospital. I dont know if i have talked about our administrators here who were temporarily suspended from their functions a few months ago because of some irregularities. Anyhow, this Totoy Bibo was the only one left from the old administration. He's supposed to be the one in charge of training in this hospital but i really am not sure if his job description is clear to him. He's in charge with the training of the interns and residents and for the past 3 years that i've worked as a resident here, i havent seen him performing his function.

When the new administrators came however, in the person of Dolores Umbridge, Severius Snapes, and Albus Dumbledore, this Totoy Bibo became very active. He reports to the hospital almost everyday, he calls meetings most of the time and the department that he runs improved (in a way) in its services. He talks as if he knows everything that's happening in the hospital. Truth is, he has spread himself too thinly with the jobs and responsibilities that he assumes in and outside of this hospital to the point that he can't function well. He too owns businesses outside of the hospital that made him more unethical. Rumor has it that he too has the interest to the throne. The heck with that throne that it attracts personalities who are greedy to fame, wealth and position. Seems like the ring in LOTR, eh. In short, im thinking that the reason for his being very active is because he was trying to build an impression with the new administrators. Maybe, these guys could recommend him to the throne.

He's just so phony however to the point that he's quite so obvious being such. Granting however that i am wrong, the reason maybe why he's very visible nowadays and is performing his function well, is that he might be dying. Bad people only become good when they know that they're dying.

To wrap things up, i need not elaborate on what transpired today. It's just that earlier in the Tuesday conference, i embarassed him in front of Dolores. I just answered in defense of my department and of our consultants. Fact is he's the one who's at fault should the conference be cancelled for he didnt organize it. He was trying to use my consultants however as a scapegoat. I definitely wouldnt allow it to happen that i have to explain our side too. What pissed me off was that he called me in front to talk about a certain patient when in fact we werent given the protocol earlier and i didnt have the slightest idea of who the patient was. He was trying to get even by calling me in front but fact is, what he did ricocheted and hit him back after i explained my side why i couldnt talk about the patient. It turned out that the conference was not planned and organized but since he was too ashamed to admit his mistake, he put the blame to the other departments.

Tell me now if i should pay respect to this someone. It's easier for me to give my respect to the helper or janitor who works his ass off for our patients' benefits than to respect a phony individual who's covered with money, position and title and oh, greed!


snglguy said...

Some people can very incorrigible... tsk tsk.

Hope you've already let out all that steam. :-)

AngelMD-No-More said...

haha this blog thing is really therapeutic...=)