Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Comrades

I will not wonder why it's been quite some time before i'm able to post something here. Life's been quite good with me lately that i didnt have enough trash to post. This one's not a trash either. Rather, one of a few light posts in this blog. In other words, if my other posts were trash, this one's recycled - meaning you could read this over and over again without feeling drained.

For you see, we had 3 applicants in the department. Previous interns who are committed to join our growing family. New comrades who will help us save lives and make or break lives. Saving the lives of our patients is our ultimate goal. Making or breaking the lives of our interns is secondary. Nah! For my last statement, i'll go for "making". These new comrades of ours who were previously slugs, roaches and the like, are now full-fledge doctors like us. If we broke their spirits when they were interns, then they shouldnt have applied in our department in the first place. I believe that we have one ruling objective in our deparment and that is to inspire future doctors. This one hell of profession that we have will definitely be a hell if one is uninspired and not driven. Maybe in the course of their internship, spearheaded by our big boss, we have inspired these new comrades of ours in one way or another.

I believe that with the additional members of our family, the workload will be lighter. There will never be a time that we will be going on duty alone. I hope that there will never be a time that one has to reach a point that she has to divide her body to answer simultaneous toxic referrals. I am looking forward to a 24-hour duty with a longer sleeping time. The latter, i have been dreaming to experience eversince i was an intern. I dont know if it's really me who's toxic for not being able to experience this so called complete bed rest, or maybe i just couldnt take sleeping over my responsibilities. Now as a senior, who have experienced toxicity at its best for the past 3 years, i guess i deserve some time of comfort too once our additional comrades start. I'm saying this with my fingers crossed.

The more the merrier so they say. Our family has gone bigger now. I just hope that no matter how big our family shall become, the bonding and camaraderie among the renegades will continue. I hope that we'll still be united in our goal of "saving and making lives". I wish that our new comrades also have this in their hearts and minds. Experience tells me however, that there's a "theory of natural selection" that's going on in our wards. It's not us who really screen the neophytes. Rather, it's our ward that kicks out undeserving ones and it's the ward that helps support the chosen few to survive.


snglguy said...

So I guess there will be more time for "Gimmicks" during the weekend, huh? ;-)

AngelMD-No-More said...

hehe i just hope so sngl...=)