Monday, May 01, 2006

Life's Simple Essence

It's a holiday today yet holiday's no excuse for not reporting to the hospital. We're always reminded by our chairman that our patients dont choose when to die. In short, we are very much needed at the hospital...especially on a holiday. Today's scheduled for a family day out of town. A neice's going to celebrate her 1st birthday party. In short, after dropping me off at the hospital, my whole family including our househelp went off to a city 2 hours away from Bacolod. Awww poor me.(geez! i sound so pathetic!)

So as to avoid the so-called "Home Alone Syndrome," i deliberately didnt go home early. We're supposed to be working on a half-day. Ironic but it's just today that my legs arent too excited to leave the hospital. I'm too timid to go on window shopping and quite disinterested to watch the new flick in town. A co-resident and i instead ended up at our conference room, having lunch with the duties. Good thing, while on my way to the hospital, i saw a McDo billboard advertising it's delivery. As simple as 433-McDo, i munched on my go-large cheeseburger meal after a few minutes.(burp! excuse me...)

Time was quite running slow though that my junior and i decided to finally go window shopping. Sad to say, flea markets and store sales culminated just yesterday. Also, most stores were close and we couldnt find a good bargain either. Guess where we ended up at last? At our favorite parlor to have our hair done! I had a hair spa and a little trimming. After my hair was blow-dried, how i wish not to take a bath for weeks so as to maintain my current crowning glory.

Sad to say, it was raining cats and dogs outside the parlor. Noone to fetch me and too afraid to get soaked in the rain, I have to take a taxi back home. Yep! Finally, I decided to go home. Maybe my family would be back by this time. Still, I was quite soaked in the rain as i reached our gate and i was disappointed to see how limp my hair got. Uh-oh! Only to find out too that I was home alone still - disappointment number 2. My mom texted me that the party's not over yet. Who welcomed me home? The new member of the family, our pup Rockley. Heard him crying upstairs at my mom's garden. Poor pup, he was tied by our helper in a shade yet he gets a little wet by the rain.

Quite soaked already and with my newly blowered hair already damaged, i decided to literally shower in the rain as i move the puppy to a shade. After being soaked though, my disappointments disappeared. Instead, i had a sudden feeling of freedom!

Ahhh life. I missed this! It's been more than a decade since i literally showered in the rain! I was back to a 6-year old girl, enjoying every droplet of water that touches me. I was carefree...quite insane if other people have seen me. As i get fully soaked, i felt totally free. Freed from responsibilities, freed from pain, freed from worries. How i wish i was back to a young, restless, carefree 6-year old. I was quite contented though for reliving that experience even for a few minutes.

Life's quite complicated alright! We usually wander and search for what could satisfy us, what could occupy our time, what could make us happy. We sometimes even spend for some pleasures and comforts. Yet this afternoon, i rediscovered something. A new way to unwind - a few minutes of getting soaked in the rain! Relaxing...unloading...refreshing...for FREE .

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