Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Que Sera Sera

Just got done packing my things up. Well, quite used to packing my clothes every 3 days for a 24-hour duty, everything's done in a matter of an hour. Hehe I just hope i left nothing of importance.

One more duty left before i leave for Manila. In a matter of four days, i'll be taking a break from hospital work to attend an annual convention. It's not literally a break anyway. Seriously, i'd rather remain in the confines of the hospital than be in Manila. I need some rebreather though. As if i'll be breathing fresh air in Manila.hehe Well, to be in a different place, to be away from the sick and the dying is quite comforting. To sleep in the comfort of our hotel room, to meet new and old faces is quite rewarding. To wake up each day thinking that i will not be reporting to the hospital is a relief!

Aside from the convention itself, i plan to meet up with friends. I just dont know how to juggle my time and be able to fit my itinerary with their busy schedules. If only i could meet them all up in just one day at the same place. I really just have to grab the opportunity for i might be able to see them again the next year. Tsk tsk imagine even in my trip to Manila i still am toxic? Uggggh when will toxicity ever leave me?

Alright! My mind tells me to be a grace under pressure. Quite used to a toxic life, this toxic scheduling is a piece of cake! If they're my real friends, they'll have time to meet me anyway...hehe (hey peeps! read this?) Nah! Que sera, sera...whatever will be, will be. To meet or not to meet...i came for the oath taking anyway.=P

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