Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I hope i'll be able to regularly post stuffs here after I switched my ISP to what else but the reigning network in my area. G and Sm step aside and stop comparing yourselves on who's the fastest for I am now happy with the speed of my broadband. I can now at least send a powerpoint file via email and can download files at a rate I didnt experience from my previous provider. At least i dont get to sleep while waiting for the web pages to load. I can now go bloghopping and leave or reply to comments. I'll be back to blogosphere and everything will be back to normal for me! Yipee!

Ooops! I forgot about the toxicity of this fellowship thing. I hope I still have the time to do all these stuffs I've just mentioned. It's now back to reality for me...back to work.hehe


will said...

write on, ma'am cel! senior fellow na!

AngelMD-No-More said...

@will: hehehe ironic nga will. i find blogging as a destressor but i couldnt even do it because of stress.hehe