Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 49 Things - Revisited

After another year, here I am revisiting my entry for the past 2 years. I have already started my fellowship training and I felt that because of the time I've spent in the hospital, I haven't achieved a lot of things for this year. As I start to highlight my list however, I found out that I eliminated a good number of stuffs from my list!

2009 has been good to me save for the depressive moments I've had because of my training. I am looking forward to a better year tomorrow. Already told myself not to worry and to stop predicting my future. I know that He only wants the best for me. Who am I to worry?

Bro, let your will be done. For me, you're always the man! Thank you for everything. I couldnt ask for more.

*the ones in pink were achieved this year!

1. Go bungee jumping - still hoping! 

2. Go Skydiving - I'm not sure if there's one in Pampanga. I hope in 2010 this will be highlighted.hehe
3.. Train in Neurology - hmmmm, change of's RHEUMATOLOGY. It's a subspec still.- i'm into my 2nd and last year!
4. Train in US - PGH is the wiser choice as of this time...blame the economy.hehe - despite of living just on a stipend, at least i dont get hungry.hehehe
5. Buy an Ipod
6. Get to Mindanao

7. Tour around Asia - can I count 1 trip as "around Asia" already? At least I started the ball rolling this year.hehe a chance to go to Singapore this September!woohoo!
8. Own a house by the sea - a "kubo" will suffice so long as it's by the sea.
9. Go to Disneyland - free tickets anyone?hehe
10. Publish a book - would having a blog be considered? (same question as last year's...same question still for this year.)
11. Have a WOW Philippines tour - i want to start the ball rolling next year.hehe
12. Sponsor a scholar
13. Serve the Missionaries of Charity - finally, I've done it! Got to visit the place several times before I left for training.
14. Go to Calcutta, India - after the bombing at Mumbai recently, I'm having a change of mind.hehe
15. Learn to drive - already have my student permit. wink* wink*
16. Own a car - house? car? which comes first? Hmmm, I'll think about this once I'm done with subspecialization.hehe
17. Go to Batanes - not during stormy season.
18. Go out on a real date
19. Do stargazing under the bora skies with someone special - hmmm, hopefully 2 years from now, this will be in highlight.
20. Travel with someone special 
21. Send my parents to a vacation - i mean a grand vacation. I have to win the lotto.
22. Help send a sibling to school
23. Own a Canon SLR camera - once there's a handy and light-weight one.hehe - will having a sony cybershot T90 point and shoot cam count?hehe now at least I have a camera!
24. Go parasailing
25. Be in two places at the same time
26. Write my autobiography - can a resume be counted as one?hehe
27. Learn to swim
28. Learn to ride a bike
29. Go scuba diving
30. Make a compilation of my pictures of sunsets
31. Travel out of the country with my family - will travel with mom be considered "family?"
32. Eat baskets of strawberries with salt
33. Do someone a favor everyday
34. Learn another dialect
35. Learn another language - french, spanish, italian, im still thinking
36. Meet the pope - i was at first referring to John Paul II - now we have a new pope!
37. Go to Rome
38. Ride a helicopter
39. Live on my own - INDEPENDENCE!!! I am now! it's not easy alright, but I am considering myself as ind
40. Travel to new places on my own
41.Have a rooftop garden complete with landscaping - overlooking the sea...with a very nice sunset view? isn't it lovely?hehe
42. Buy my parents their golden wedding rings - bought them silver rings during their 25th year i hope i could buy them their rings on their 50th...=)
43. Go white water rafting
44. Put up a foundation - my memorial foundation?=)
45. Surprise someone
46. Touch a life - i believe im doing this
47. Write my last will48. Fall deeply in love - hmmm took the risk - finally...hehe My head still rules my heart though.
49. Commit without fear - still struggling on this one.


Reena said...

hahaha..ang dami mong resolutions!!!! i can only think of one as of now. ill blog it later. ill add a fe nlng.

happy new year! hope you get to cross out at least a few more off from that list

AngelMD-No-More said...

@reena: hehehe ganun talga reen but maraming gustong gawin na di magawa because of work.hehe