Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who's To Blame?

At around 9:30 in the morning today, i discovered that my fone's not picking up any signal from my network. I was at first thinking that it's a sign that i'm really needing a new phone aside of course from the reason that my fone's joystick has been sending my sms' to the wrong recipients because of its "auto-select" feature.hehe Have to ask my co-residents who are also SMART subscribers to check their fones. They all too didnt have any network coverage. I wasnt alone at least - yahoo!

What i was expecting however as a transient phenomenon that could last for only an hour the most turned out to be a test. A test for someone who's become dependent to the wonders of text messaging and celfone calls. My work basically is dependent on referrals and the celfone is one of my gadgets aside of course from my stethoscope. In short, i was "out-of-this-world" for the whole day. I couldnt receive any messages or calls nor can i make a call or send some texts. Even if i have my suncellular line with me, i couldnt text to other SMART subcribers too. This explains my "silence" for the whole day and not that i was timid to reply.hehe Anyhow, i managed to survived the day. I too on my part experienced peace and quiet after not receiving any referrals through texts.

What we were thinking at first as SMART's way of protest, after the issue of "free text messaging" came out, turned to be this: news here

Okaaaaay, the network didnt explain the cause of the damage. Irregardless of the cause though, it seems that SMART and PLDT subscribers are told to - "Blame the cables people! Not us! Not us!"

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