Wednesday, July 19, 2006

5:30 Habit...Relived

Forget the gastritis, i missed Bo's cafe's mocha froccino that for two consecutive days, i gulped down two grande size of it. I had a grande of mocha froccino yesterday after our oral exams at the hospital. I was just wondering though why it didnt taste good. Actually, it wasnt just me who commented about its different taste. The Bo's Cafe trio all wondered why our fave drinks were no longer satisfying. It has been quite some time since our last 5:30 habit session that this afternoon, we found ourselves seated in our favorite place at Bo's. We just wanted to prove that it's the ambiance at Bo's that makes our drinks taste better.

Bringing along our props (our bible in the department that is), we planned to study at Bo' know, read a little for another oral exam. We found ourselves however talking about anything under the sun. Our books left untouched, lying cold on one of the empty chairs. Truly, mocha froccino tasted better there. Why? The talks, the ambiance, made it taste better. Added to that, Blue mexican's nachos spiced up the conversations. Spending some time there allowed us to unload all our toxicities from work. Some of our topics redirected our paths, realigned our plans and made us feel better about our work. It's just, after a hard day's work, spending time with some friends over coffee makes me love my work even more. Yep! No pun intended.


Jules said...

cel, let me know what's your cel#... msg kta sa friendster... text me.. ;) ok lang ina sa uncle ko.. i told my tita alread and she took your name... gin pa cbc ko na siya... WBC 12, predom. segmenters, no focus ko na observe (la colds, cough, wounds, i didn't check for abd. / flank pain) except for fever, joint pains both knees and elbows... uric acid normal..... hahahaha.. long distance dx over the phone... anways, ginpa Urinalysis ko sya just to rule out uti, results pending...

i trust you whole-heartedly cel, kaw pa! if you want, after an initial check-up you can recommend a good specialist for him.

im thinking of going into IM din cel. ;) how much ung sweldo sa provincial?

AngelMD said...

gudness sori...this comment was long overdue...jaz read it...u should have msgd me in frendster instead.