Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Just got home from a sick leave. I did have the nerve to ask my bosses for a sick leave. After one year of fellowship here in the jungle of Manila, I finally decided to put an end to my recurrent tonsillitis. If not for my mom threatening me that it might lead to rheumatic heart disease, i didnt decide on this one. Now, im on my 3rd day post-tonsillectomy and I'll be back to work tomorrow. I didnt want to announce it here at first but i just want to immortalize in this blog on how good Bro really is. Anyway, Mom already started the text brigade for me that even if I would want this surgery to be discreet, everyone else knew about it. How did I find out? My aunt was with me in my hospital room when she received the text from mom. Mom's style worked too I guess.

I left Manila on the 17th and I got admitted straight from the airport. My OR was scheduled first thing the next day. I have already contacted my surgeon before i filed for a leave. People were wondering why I chose to go home when I am working in one of the best hospitals in the country. My only reason is - there's always an advantage when I'm in my homecourt. I want to be with my family. I'm more familiar with the people and the system in my hometown.

Early morning of the 18th, an orderly came to fetch me. All I could remember was I said goodnight to my parents after the nurse administered the midazolam. The rest were a blur. I had my first lucid interval and my first memory of my ordeal when i was already in the recovery room. A former intern came to my bedside and greeted me. I remembered saying "hi" then i once again drifted to sleep. I guess my anesthesiologist also tried to wake me up and I remembered thanking him. I didnt even had a glimpse of my surgeon or how the OR looked. I was asleep all along.

I was very lucid when I was already in my room and that was already late in the afternoon. Well, I could talk after my surgery. My pain threshold's quite high I guess. Thanks to the tramadol drip too. It made things easier for me to bear.

On my 2nd post-op day, I was discharged. My surgeon and my anesthesiologist gave me clearance and was surprised for my recovery. Well, if I'm bound to fly back to Manila soon, I dont have a choice but to act well.

Things happen as a breeze. Bro made things happen for me. I know that I couldnt thank Him more for what He's done. Enumerating those things here is I guess one way of thanking and praising Him for everything.
1. I was granted the sick leave
2. I didnt have a difficulty in scheduling for my OR
3. I had a good and comfortable hospital room
4. I was asleep during the operation and couldnt even remember that it happened
5. I was intubated! But then at least I didnt find myself in that state of being intubated or else I might have panicked. I was already on oxygen cannula when I woke up in the recovery room.
6. I feel less pain...just a bit of discomfort in my throat.
7. I was on ice cream diet!!! the best!
8. My surgeon's and anesthesiologist's fees were on courtesy!
9. Philhealth shouldered almost half of my hospital bill.
10. Ive got a very supportive mom was with me all the time when I was admitted. Tatay's the errand boy bringing stuffs from home to the hospital.
11. Ive got visits from people who cared.
12. From the OR to the RR, Ive got previous interns who are now residents who took care of me.
13. My first experience as a patient was a good one. At least I finally felt how comfortable it is to sleep on a hospital bed without minding the time.
14. The best thing too was that the thing that i dreaded most didnt happen. People were threatening me that I might be catheterized since Ill be on general anesthesia. The first thing that i checked out when I was lucid was if I feel any discomfort down under and I felt nothing.hehe

Now, Im back to my feet after 3 days. Will be back to work on my 4th post op day. I just hope there will be no patients in the out patient tomorrow. I know I need to rest my voice for some time. Unless texting is allowed in talking with my patients. Anyway, thank you Bro! Thank you too for those who offered their prayers for me.


Walking on Water said...

oh no, s/p OR ka pala. hope everything's alright now. mukha naman ok kasi rounds ka pa rin nang rounds. hehe

AngelMD-No-More said...

@jean: hahaha di pwedeng magmukhang s/p.haha good thing hindi tayo nagkasalubong a week after it. muntik na akong magsteroids gawa ng facial edema. now that would have been obvious.hehe im better now thanks.

shengmarie said...

Wow, a doctor being doctored at, haha. Glad you got out of that fine, ice cream diet, wow!